Step 1

Make sure that you are on your platform's page. Go to your Contests page and click on Create New button:

Step 2

Choose your contest type:

Step 3

Fill in the form. 

IMPORTANT: please note that you cannot change your manual log settings, the start and end dates and amend the daily/total modes once the contest has been created. Please pay attention when creating your contest. 

Please note that Metrics cannot be transformed into one another  - Steps cannot be displayed as Distance or Activity as these are 2 different metrics that need to be set up.

Th size of the image should be 430px x 215px.
If you don't have a designer in your team, we highly recommend using Canva - a fantastic free and super-easy to use tool for designing anything in a few seconds.



Step 4

Invite your team Members or leave it for later:

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