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Why inKin?
How Much Does inKin Cost?
How Much Does inKin Cost?
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As our mission is to help you become more active and take better care of your health on a daily basis, inKin is currently free for all our users.

We also offer a wellness platform solution to help you run private wellness initiatives for your friends, family and, of course, co-workers.

The price for the Paid Wellness Platform starts at $6 per account/month and decreases to $3 depending on the billing period.

Our Paid plan is no-strings-attached and with absolutely no startup costs!

The prices are in USD.

There are 3 options for billing periods: 

  • monthly (paid each month) - $6 per account/ month

  • quarterly (paid for 3 months upfront) - $4 per account/ month

  • and annually (paid for 12 months upfront) - $3 per account/ month

You may check the pricing for your team by visiting our Pricing page or your Billing page.

There are no limits on the number of people that can join your contest.

Stay tuned for our promotions.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any special requests or needs - we would love to help and discuss our pricing further 😊

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