IMPORTANT: If you don't have a device yet, you may try inKin with one of these free options: Fitbit (iOS and Android), Mi Fit (iOS and Android) or Withings  (iOS and Android) apps as well as the Apple HealthKit.

Have a device connected but it's not syncing properly? Please follow the instructions here.

You may also want to consider connecting a device that is not supported on the platform yet via Apple HealthKit or Google Fit apps.

Connecting a device or an app to inKin:

1. Go to the Devices page:

2. Choose one or more vendors that you would like to connect to inKin:

3. You will be redirected to your vendor's page to enter your account credentials (email and password of, for example, your Fitbit account) and give us the permissions to fetch your data from their server:

4. You are all set :)

You may check the list of metrics each vendor supports on the Devices page:

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