Duels are 24-hour head-to-head challenges with other community members that was built as an additional motivation tool.

The duel mode is ON by default, so if you do not wish to be challenged to a duel, please toggle the READY TO DUEL? button off (if you have an ongoing duel, please wait for it to be finished first for the screen below to reappear):

IMPORTANT: once someone has accepted your duel, it cannot be cancelled.

Coming soon:

You can filter opponents by their country, rank and your relation to them (All or Kins only):

This is how to Duel a specific person:

Step 1: find your kin
Step 2: click on START A DUEL button

If you don't see the START A DUEL button, it means that your friend doesn't wish to be challenged to a duel and has turned it off.

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