We currently have the following contest modes:


  • Map Race – Our recent feature that takes your team on a virtual journey through fascinating world cities. It works like a race, and each participant must pass the distance of the route on its own and compete with other participants. However, your team doesn't need to follow the route in real life - the distance they pass will be reflected on the virtual map. In addition, the location of the participants is always displayed on the map and is systematically updated.

  • Challenge – a participant is required to reach either a daily or total goal during a certain period. A participant completes the challenge once he or she meets the requirements. This mode is available for one of these metrics: steps, distance, calories burned, activity time, and sleep + water.

  • Competition – the participant who reaches the highest result (steps, calories burned, distance, activity time) wins the contest.

  • Team Battle – a competition between a number of teams. The mode is available for steps, distance, calories burned, activity time.

  • Group Challenge - allows all participants to reach one goal together. This mode is available for one of these metrics: steps, distance, calories burned, activity time.


  • Challenge – allows you to track up to 20 tasks simultaneously.

You may learn more about creating a contest here.

All Contests in our community are Public – anyone can join and participate in public contests.

If you are looking to create a Private contest for friends, family or team-workers only, please create a Wellness Platform first.

There are no limits on the number of participants that can join in a contest.

Please note that metrics cannot be transformed into one another - Steps cannot be displayed as Distance or Activity as these are 2 different metrics that need to be set up.

IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to the manual log setting when creating a contest. This setting cannot be changed once your contest has started.

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