• If you are looking to create a Private contest for friends, family or team-workers only, please create a Wellness Platform first.

  • There might be a time lag between your individual stats and contest results update. Please do not worry as all your data will be synced and displayed correctly.

Step 1

Go to the Contests page and click on Create New button

Step 2

Choose your contest type:

Step 3

Fill in the form. IMPORTANT:

  • Please note that you cannot change the manual log settings and start and end dates once the contest has been created. Please pay attention when making your contest private or public.

  • Metrics cannot be transformed into one another - Steps cannot be displayed as Distance or Activity as these are 2 different metrics that need to be set up.

The size of the image should be 430px x 215px.




Group Challenges

Team Battles



Step 4

Invite your friends to join or skip it and invite them later.

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