IMPORTANT: We take your data from the contest's start date, not from the day one has joined a challenge. However, if you are new to inKin, we are unable to pull your retrospective data.

1. If Your Contest Is PUBLIC

  • You may invite people on the contest's page either when creating a new contest (Step 4) or later:

  • You may also share the public link to your contest anywhere you like (on your website, social media profile, in an email or newsletter, etc.).


2. If Your Contest Is PRIVATE

Since it's a private contest, the system only allows users that have been invited to it by the creator. Please note that simply sharing the link will not work. 

However, if the email you received the invite to and the email you've created your inKin account with are not the same, the system will not let you in either.

You may change your email temporarily to enter the contest or ask the creator to send an additional invite to the email you've set up your inKin profile with.

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