Unfortunately, due to the new Samsung policy, we have discontinued supporting Samsung Health until further notice.

However, there is a way that might work: https://developer.samsung.com/health/android/data/guide/dev-mode

You must have a SIM card on your mobile device.

inKin syncs with Samsung Health every time you open the inKin app.  

Samsung does not transfer us any retrospective data so if you haven't opened the inKin app in a while, the data for all those days will not be displayed. To update that dates info manually, please use our manual log feature.

NOTE: if you have a Samsung device, please make sure to turn off your Samsung Health app as a data source.

1. Open the inKin app on your mobile device. Go to Menu -> Goals and Metrics -> Metrics:

2. Choose Samsung as the data source for steps: 

3. You will be asked to either install S Health app, or if you already have it downloaded, you will be asked for permissions (see Step 5):

4. Agree with Samsung Privacy Terms and Conditions and click on Next:

5. Switch back to inKin and give permissions for step count.

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