We have created inKin with a very simple idea in mind: we want to help more people around the world to become more active and healthier every single day.

Now, there are some of us who are very lucky as they don't require a nudge to lead a more active lifestyle. But for the vast majority of us starting a healthy journey is somewhat overwhelming.

And whether you are okay by your own or need a group of like-minded people, inKin is here to help! And here's how.

1. Individuals

If you don't have a fitness buddy to keep you accountable, then inKin is a perfect platform for you. As not only you can track and collect your health and fitness data through numerous devices and apps that we support but also find new friends from all over the world that you can compete against in our friendly public challenges and competitions as well as head-to-head 24-hour step duels.
You can also compete against your own month-on-month step results thanks to our fun and colourful Ranking.

2. Groups of Friends & Family

If you think that creating public Challenges is not enough and you would like to create a private space for your friends or/and family only, then inKin wellness platform is a perfect solution for you.

3. Companies and Organisations

We understand that creating a corporate wellness program can require time and effort. That's why we have built our platform to make designing and launching a corporate wellness initiative easier and more fun. You can also take advantage of our Playbook to create a program that will be engaging for your employees and efficient for your business.

What Is inKin Wellness Platform?

inKin Wellness Platform is a private space for members only with numerous features.

News Feed - use it to exchange ideas or recipes and share any health-related information with your peers.

Leaderboard contains various fun and colourful widgets that show your team's activity during a certain period.

Stats page allows you to see your team's overall progress over a desired period or even two periods.

Contests - a variety of modes for individual and group tasks based on several metrics. More here.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our mission is to help you become more active and take better care of your health on a daily basis.
And whether you intend to use our platform for personal use or as a leader behind a corporate wellness initiative in your organisation, we have options to cater to all your needs.

You can use inKin for free by creating Public Challenges or Duels, or you can create a private Wellness Platform as part of our Paid plan. Learn more here.

Either way, there are no limits on the number of people that can join your platform and contests.

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