How Do I Create a Wellness Platform?

Your wellness platform is just a few clicks away

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We are happy to grant you a 7-day free, no-strings-attached trial to get the first-hand experience of our Paid Plan.  We do NOT ask you for your billing information, and you do NOT have to decide on the number of your accounts to give inKin Paid Wellness Platform a test run.

Once your trial is over, you may either continue using the Paid solution and update your billing info or continue using inKin for free by creating Public Challenges and Duels from your personal account.

Step 1:

Start your free trial by clicking on the button at


Click on the button on the left Menu:

Step 2:

Fill in the form and upload your logo or any other image to represent your private wellness space:

Step 3: 

You may edit your page and update your cover photo by clicking on the buttons:

NOTE: these are recommended sizes for your wellness platform's logo and cover images:

Logo - up to 2 MB
400 x 400px

Cover - up to 2 MB
1646 x 230px

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend making the most out of your 7-day free trial and start inviting members to the platform and contests as soon as possible. Please note that inviting people to your platform one day before the contest's start date will lead to an unsuccessful launch of your initiative.

How To Add Members To Your Wellness Platform?

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