We are happy to grant you a 7-day free, no-strings-attached trial to get the first-hand experience of our Paid Plan.  We do NOT ask you for your billing information, and you do NOT have to decide on the number of your accounts to give inKin Paid Wellness Platform a test run.

  • Once your trial is over, you may either continue using the Paid solution and update your billing info or downgrade to our forever Free option.
  • If you decide to purchase your inKin Paid Wellness solution during the trial, your subscription will start after the trial is over.
  • All promo codes applied during the trial will also be activated after the trial is over.
  • Please note that there can only be one free trial per a platform. So if you already upgraded your Free Wellness Platform to The Paid plan, you are not entitled to another free trial.  
  • The trial period cannot be extended. 
  • Please note that the trial should not be used for your campaign's timeline as creating content and on-boarding members will take time.
  • The platform cannot be downgraded to Free version during the trial period. You can, however, downgrade to Free once it's over.
  • Please note that if your platform is downgraded to Free version, you will lose access to all Paid features, including your ongoing Competitions, Team Battles and Group Challenges. Regular Challenges will not get affected.

Once you start your trial, we recommend doing the following:

  • Invite your team members as soon as possible: you may do so via emails or by sharing the link to your platform with your staff. 

And this is why:

  1. It will take time for everyone to join
  2. You will not be able to appreciate the platform and its features if there is no one to share it with.
  3. It will give you enough time to filter those employees who would not want to join and hence pay for only those who are on board with you.
    Once everyone is more or less on board, you can start creating content - share health info on the newsfeed and create contests.
  • The best practice for contests includes the following:
  1. To throw in a prize for the winner or winning team if that's a team battle.
  2. Plan a week for everyone to join the contest and start getting ready.
    Example, if you want your contest to start on July 15, then we would recommend creating it one week ahead, so everyone has time to join and be aware of it. 
  3. Also, our Tag system allows you creating contests for a specific group of members only (ex. only for marketing or finance people).


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