DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is a team effort competition and the team with the highest average result wins. Make sure you lead your team, motivate and inspire them, and invite all your kins to join your team, as the higher the effort of each participant - the better results.

IMPORTANT: Please reach out to the admins of your platform if you've joined the wrong team.

We take the results of each participant during the battle period and divide the sum by the number of participants. So it doesn't matter how big is the team as long as everyone is doing their best.

You will be able to see each participant's input as well as the overall team results. However, only admins can enter each team's space.

Please note that only admins of the platform can enter any team's private space. Just like in any sports, each team's space is private, and only that team's members can access it. 

Each team battle displays both the overall team results and the individual results of the team's participants:

How to create and join a Team Battle Competition?

Step 1

Make sure that you are on your platform's page. Go to your Contests page and click on Create New button:

For mobile: Team Space → Contests → ‘’+’’ at the right top → TEAM BATTLE

Step 2

Choose Team Battle contest mode

Step 3

  • Fill in the form. Please note that Metrics cannot be transformed into one another - Steps cannot be displayed as Distance or Activity as these are two different metrics that need to be set up.

  • You may add as many teams as you like. However, please note that each team must have a unique name. 

  • The size of the image should be 430px x 215px.

  • IMPORTANT: Toggle Assign members to teams ON if you want to assign participants to teams and not allow them to choose teams themselves. Please note that once chosen, this setting cannot be changed.

Step 4

Add an unlimited number of teams by clicking on ADD ANOTHER TEAM button. Please give each team a unique name:

Step 5

Invite members:

If you have toggled the "assign members to teams" switcher ON, you can assign each platform member to a team.

Once they accept your invite and join the battle, they will automatically become part of the designated team.

If you are letting your members choose their teams, simply send invites to your battle to all members on your platform:

Step 6

You can manage your team members:

Step 7

Choose your team or automatically become a part of the assigned team:

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