1. You may change your plan billing period at any point.

However, please note that your new plan will become active once your current plan is over.

For example, if you are currently on the Monthly plan and now choose to be billed annually (for 12 months upfront), your new Annual plan will start once the current billing cycle is over.

Please make sure to amend your subscription before your auto-renewal date.

2. You may also add additional accounts during your current billing period. You will be charged for these additional accounts (members and pending invitations) immediately proportionally for the rest of your current billing cycle. 


You paid for 100 accounts for 3 months upfront (billed quarterly). You have another 60 days until the end of your current billing cycle, and you wish to add additional 50 accounts.

Hence, you will be charged for these 50 additional accounts for 60 days only.

If you need to decrease the number of accounts, please make sure to either remove existing members or revoke pending invitations on your Members page first as the updated number of accounts cannot be fewer that the existing number of accounts on your platform (members + pending invitations).

Example: if you currently have 50 members and 20 pending invitations and would like to change the number of accounts to 50 accounts for the next billing period, you will need to revoke 20 invitations first before putting 50 on the Billing page.

Please make sure to amend your subscription before your auto-renewal date. The decreased number of accounts will come into effect once the current billing cycle is over.

To avoid any interruption in our service, the automatic charges are made one day before your next billing period. All transactions displayed are in the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) zone.  For example, if your next billing period starts on November 22, then the payment will go through on November 21 GMT.

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