IMPORTANT: Please note that if you add new members throughout your active prepaid period after you downgrade your subscription, your paid plan will automatically resume.

For example, you have a Paid plan that lasts from May 1 - June 30th. If you cancel it on May 15th and add new members on May 20th, your Paid plan will resume and auto-renew on June 29th. If you don't want it to renew, please downgrade it again.

You may cancel your current subscription at any point on your Billing page:

Your current Paid plan will be valid until the end of your current billing period.

For example, if you paid for 3 months upfront and you still have 2 months on your current Paid plan, you will have access to your advanced wellness platform features until the end of these two months. You will not be billed once your current billing cycle is over. But you will, however, lose all access to all Paid features.

Once cancelled, you will be able to use inKin's free features like Public Challenges and Duels through your personal profile.

Please note that you have enrolled in a subscription (whether monthly/quarterly/annually). This means that your plan will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it before the next billing cycle. Please manage your subscription carefully as we do NOT make any refunds. Please learn more in our T&C.

Please note that deleting the personal account you created a wellness platform with does not automatically remove the platform. The platform must be managed separately. Deleting the personal account you have created the platform with does not waive your subscription responsibility.

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