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Is inKin Free?
Is inKin Free?
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inKin is currently a free service for all our users. You can create Public Challenges and Duels, or use it just for personal use.

We also offer a wellness platform solution, which allows you to create a private platform to run challenges and have access to all of our features.

The price for the Paid Wellness Platform starts from $6 per account/month and decreases to $3 depending on the billing period.  

The prices are in USD.

There are 3 options for billing periods: 

  • monthly (paid each month) - $6 per account/ month

  • quarterly (paid for 3 months upfront) - $4 per account/ month

  • and annually (paid for 12 months upfront) - $3 per account/ month

You may check the pricing for your team by visiting our Pricing page or your Billing page:

Please feel free to reach out if you have any special requests or needs - we would love to help and discuss our pricing further 😊

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