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How To Add Members To Your Wellness Platform?
How To Add Members To Your Wellness Platform?

If you have created a platform, now it's time to invite members. Learn ways how to invite members by email or link.

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  • If you do not want our correspondence, including invites to your groups, wellness platforms, and contests, to be lost on the way to your corporate emails, please contact the IT department in your company and kindly ask them to include the following domains in the white email list:

You can also check out this fantastic article to learn how to whitelist domains in your Gmail, Outlook, etc.

NOTE: You can send the link to our User's Guide to your team members to make the onboarding process smooth.

  • You can invite as many people as you like during our free 7-day trial.

  • There are no restrictions on the number of participants on the Free platform.

  • If you have a Paid subscription, the number of invites and registered members cannot exceed the number of purchased accounts on your platform (please learn more here).

  • We highly recommend leaving a few days for your members to join your platform before creating any challenges. Please note that inviting people to your platform one day before the contest's start date will lead to an unsuccessful launch of your initiative. 


Step 1:

Invite members either one by one by adding their emails or simply drop a CSV file containing all emails addresses.

The invited members will receive the invitation via email. It will look like this:

PLEASE NOTE! They can either click on accept invite OR enter the invitation code in the app. They don't have to do both.

Step 2:

You can check your members, pending invitations, and requests list as well as resend and revoke invites on the Members page. You may assign roles to your members, too:

Step 3:

You can export the list of your members in a CSV file:


You can invite members by sending them the link to your platform. You can find the link by clicking on "Invite Members." Once you send them the link, they will have to request to join your platform. You can see the pending requests in Members ---> Pending Requests.

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