We do not charge members individually - we charge the entire platform managed by admins.

The pricing for our Paid plan starts at $6 per account and decreases to $3 depending on the billing plan (USD).

  • billed monthly: $6 per account/mo 

  • billed quarterly: $4 per account/mo (paid for 3 months upfront; you get a 50% discount compared to the monthly payments) 

  • billed annually: $3 per account/mo (paid for 12 months upfront; you save 67%) 

Our Paid plan is no-strings-attached and with absolutely no startup costs!

The pricing is for total accounts, which include 1) registered members (those who accepted your invites and joined the platform) + 2) pending invitations (those who got your invites but haven't joined the platform yet). The reason we calculate it that way is to make it easier for both parties to control the pricing as once the invitations are sent, employees can join at any point and they don't need to wait for you to pay for them. However, if you feel uncomfortable paying for invites, you can always revoke them before proceeding with the payment.

We also currently offer a 7-day FREE trial with no strings attached.


  • Please note that you are enrolling in a subscription (whether monthly/quarterly/annually). This means that your plan will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it before the next billing cycle. Please manage your subscription carefully as we do not make any refunds.

  • To avoid any interruption in our service, the automatic charges are made one day before your next billing period. All transactions displayed are in the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) zone.  For example, if your next billing period starts on November 22, then the payment will go through on November 21 GMT.

  • You don't have to decide on the number of your members beforehand, as you will only be charged for the number of accounts on your platform by the end of your free trial. For example, if by the end of your trial you have 50 members and 50 pending invites, and if you don't want to pay for 100 accounts, especially if there are small chances of 50 people with pending invites to join your platform, you can revoke all pending invites and pay for 50 registered members only. 

  • Once more people start joining during your subscription, you will be able to pay for them as you go. Please note that the fee is flat, regardless of when a new member has been added to the platform. For example, if you have a 3-month subscription, and new 100 members are joining your platform 2 months later, you will still pay $12/member.

  • When you subscribe to a certain plan, you may cancel it or opt for another plan at any point, meaning there will be no automatic renewal at the end of your current period or, in the case of a different plan, that the changes will apply once the current plan is over. So, say, if you have a 12-month plan and you start your platform in Sep 2018, your subscription will last until Sep  2019. And if you cancel your subscription, there will be no automatic renewal, and the platform will end in Sep 2019. The same logic applies to any period. For instance, if you go for a monthly subscription, you may cancel at any point, meaning there will be no renewal next month.

  • You can remove members, add new users, increase and decrease the number of accounts on your platform at any point. However, please note that we do not make any refunds for any users that haven't been active on your platform. Please make sure to amend your subscription before your auto-renewal date. The decreased number of accounts will come into effect once the current billing cycle is over.

  • You may, however, reactivate your platform later. For instance, if you plan to run 3-month wellness campaigns every 6 months, you may cancel your 3-month plan once the first campaign is over and reactivate it later for the second campaign.

  • Please note that we do not make refunds. This is why we offer a 7-day trial, so our clients have time to check the platform out and share their feedback and requests with us. We are constantly working on improving our features and making it more user-friendly.

Learn more in our T&C.

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