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We Want a Refund. Our Challenge Ended But We Were Still Charged
We Want a Refund. Our Challenge Ended But We Were Still Charged

Learn about refund policy here.

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inKin service includes many various features such as the Leaderboard, Stats, Data Export and its subscription does not correlate to whether you do have any ongoing contests on your platform or not.

As stated in our T&C and as you confirmed to understand before proceeding with the subscription to your Paid plan, inKin is a subscription-based service meaning that your plan will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it before the next billing cycle (whether monthly/quarterly/annually).  

We do not make any refunds so please manage your subscription carefully. 

To avoid any interruption in our service, the automatic charges are made one day before your next billing period. All transactions displayed are in the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) zone.  For example, if your next billing period starts on November 22, then the payment will go through on November 21 GMT.

To avoid any confusion or frustration, we recommend cancelling subscription-based services in advance (sometimes the best is to do it straight away as your prepaid period won't be affected, and you will make sure an auto-renewal wouldn't happen).

Learn more in our T&C.

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