This email will help you to

  • Introduce inKin platform as a tool for wellness activities in your company

  • Invite participants through the link and explain how to use inKin

The info you need to edit:

  • Your platform name

  • Your platform invite link (copy the link to your wellness platform in your browser)¬†

Copy this text and paste it into your email draft

Hi there,

We are happy to invite you to join our Corporate Wellness Platform {name of the platform} which purpose is to help you track your activity, build long-term healthy habits, take part in different friendly contests and communicate with co-workers.

Follow these three simple steps to join the platform

  1. Follow this link https://app.inkin.com/corporate/{Wellness Platform ID}

  2. Log in or create a new inKin account

  3. Request to join the platform 

  4. Connect a device or an app to collect your activity and health data

Let's create a healthier, more active and engaged workplace together!

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