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Invitation to join the platform
Invitation to join the platform

Use this template to invite your employees to join your Wellness Platform and tell about its benefits.

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This email will help you to

  • Introduce inKin platform as a tool for wellness activities in your company

  • Invite participants through the link and explain how to use inKin

The info you need to edit:

  • Your platform name

  • Your platform invite link (copy the link to your wellness platform in your browser) 

Copy this text and paste it into your email draft

Hi there,

We are happy to invite you to join our Corporate Wellness Platform {name of the platform} which purpose is to help you track your activity, build long-term healthy habits, take part in different friendly contests and communicate with co-workers.

Follow these three simple steps to join the platform

  1. Follow this link{Wellness Platform ID}

  2. Log in or create a new inKin account

  3. Request to join the platform 

  4. Connect a device or an app to collect your activity and health data

Let's create a healthier, more active and engaged workplace together!

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