This email will help you to

  • Inform users about the contest in advance

  • Motivate participants to join the platform

  • Reduce the risk that members will not enter the contest on time (send this email 1-2 weeks before the contest's start date) 

The info you need to edit:

  • Start Date 

  • The contest name

  • The prize for the winner(s)

  • The main goal of the contest (number of steps, distance, hours of sleep etc.) 

  • The link to your platform (copied in your browser, example: https://app.inkin.com/corporate/6723

Copy this text and paste it into your email draft

Hi there,

We are happy to invite you to join our Corporate Fitness Contest. {Contest description}. {Prize description}.  We start on {start date}.  

How to join

  1. Follow this link https://app.inkin.com/corporate/{Wellness Platform ID} 

  2. Log in or create a new inKin account

  3. If you are not a member of our platform yet, send a join request first

  4. Go to the Contests page and search for the {contest name or you can send the direct link to your contest} 

  5. Connect a device or an app to collect your activity and health data

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