Here is how to invite members to join your contest:

Option 1:

For web platform:

  • You can use the shareable link for the web version by clicking on the ‘’copy’’ button (see the picture below).

Remember: Don't copy the link from the browser

Option 2:

For mobile app:

  • Go to the contest page, click on the contest menu, and then the share button for opening the shareable link.

  • Click on the copy button to copy the full link

If you haven’t added members to your platform yet, it’s easy to invite, just follow these steps.


Inviting people to the Contest via email

You may also invite people to your challenges by email invitation.

Please follow these steps:

Here is what your invitee will see:

Here is the email draft text. Please copy this text and paste it into your email draft!


Hi there,

We are so excited to announce our new contest. {Challenge/Competition/Group Challenge/Team Battle}

It is time to take 550.000.000 steps to get to the Moon. Are you joining us? (Or your contest idea)

Start date: {Type contest start date}

End date: {Type contest end date}

How to join:

  1. Follow this link {contest link}

  2. Join the {contest name}

  3. Make sure that your device is connected to the platform.


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