DISCLAIMER: Please note that you can only connect and disconnect Samsung Health from the mobile app.

Please make sure to open the inKin app from time to time to sync your Samsung Health data.

If you are a new inKin user:

Please make sure to download the latest inKin app.

Step 1: Once you download the Samsung Health app, it will ask for permission to allow inKin to receive your data. Make sure you turn it on.

If you are an existing inKin user and had Samsung Health set as a data source before, you will be asked for permissions again when logging into the new inKin app for the first time.

You can later edit your permissions from the Devices tab.

Step 2: Go to your Metrics tab on your inKin app and set Samsung Health as the data source for the desired metrics:

Make sure you have Samsung Health set for all the metrics you want to sync.

Note: Not all the metrics are synced from Samsung Health directly; therefore, some of them have to be entered manually. Samsung Health syncs 30 days of retrospective data for everything besides Activity Time, which is only 7 days of retrospective data. To update your data, please open the inKin app at least once per day. Data updates each time you open inKin.

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