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How Do I Start a Habit Builder on inKin?
How Do I Start a Habit Builder on inKin?

Learn about Habit Builder which is a feature built to help you improve your health habits and create new ones. Follow the guide !

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The “Habit Builder” is similar to task-based challenges, the only difference is that it is made for individuals and it is free!

STEP 1: Go to “My Space” and select “Habit Builder”

Once you select the “Habit Builder” you will be directed to the task creation page.

STEP 2: Click on the “Create” button

  • By clicking on “Create”, you will see the pre-defined tasks inKin offers.

  • Choose one and press “Add Task”.

IMPORTANT: You can choose an unlimited amount of tasks but you can select them only one at a time

STEP 3: Create your personalized task

  • If you want to add your own task, at the right top corner of the “Task Page” there is a plus sign, click on it to create a new task.

  • You can create your own title, put your own icons, and personalize it as you want!

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to always save your task list!

NOTE: You can also see your created task list on the homepage as well.

STEP 4: If you want to edit or archive your tasks, go to “Edit Page”

  • You can edit all your tasks, as well as archive them. But you can do it one task at a time.

  • Don’t forget to “Save” all your changes.

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